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new extender setup

New Extender Setup

New extender setup is the remedy to all network issues like slow internet connection, weak signals, dead zones, poor connectivity and a lot more.

Generally speaking, NETGEAR extender setup is essential for people who do not have much time or are unable to solve technical issues with WiFi devices. A range extender can be set up either manually or via WPS method. Both methods can be complicated for regular network users.

LED lights on extender help in finding out the best place for installing WiFi range extender setup. However users get confused with them. So, to set up a range extender without facing any mind-numbing issue, call experts at 1-888-829-5515 right away.


New Extender Setup in Extender Mode

1. After un-boxing your brand new extender, position it at a clean place.
2. Plug in extender to a wall socket.
3. Set the extender switch to extender.
4. Turn on your PC and open a web browser.
5. Go to website.
6. New extender setup Wizard will open.
7. Choose SSID option and click on Continue
8. Type the password in network key field and hit Continue
9. Select extender network name and click Continue.
netgear genie setup

New Extender Setup in Access Point Mode

1. Power on the extender and let it boot properly.
2. Set the extender switch to access point.
3. Connect extender and router with each other.
4. Launch an internet browser and open mywifiext.
5. The extender automatically recognizes internet connection.
6. Apply security settings to extender and hit Continue
7. Connect to extender wireless network and click Continue.
Thus, NETGEAR WiFi range extender can be set up in access point mode. If any step during the installation process troubles you or is consuming much of your time, feel free to get in touch with experts at toll-free number 1-888-829-5515. Our experienced technicians will provide on-the-spot and permanent solutions to all your issues in a friendly and courteous manner.
new extender setup