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WiFi connection getting lost

Unable to set up NETGEAR WiFi range extender? One of the common issues that users generally don’t care about is lost WiFi connection. So first of all make wireless connection stable and then go with extender setup process.

WPS is not working

By default, WPS feature is turned on. But sometimes, users turn it off and forget. Then they start new extender setup with turned off WPS. This can cause issues and spoil the complete setup procedure.

NETGEAR Genie version is not compatible

netgear genie setup

While setting up extender with NETGEAR Genie, it may happen that main dashboard doesn’t show up. This is because NETGEAR Genie version which you are using is not compatible with computer. Local

Simplest method for setting up a NETGEAR extender with Mac OS X or iOS is local. This address is to view WiFi settings, enable smart connect feature, change WiFi network name etc. is the default IP address for NETGEAR extender setup. In case this address is not accessible, chances are extender’s IP address has been changed. Check once and try again.

New Extender Setup

If internet in home or office is running with tortoise speed, opt for new extender setup to push signals an extra bit. After setup, extender utilizes its antennas to broadcast newly extended signals.